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  1. Therefore, immortelles will mostly only be seen on older graves.
  2. Now, according to French tradition, she can be called une immortelle.
  3. Remixes included bands, L'�me Immortelle, Samsas Traum and The Birthday Massacre.
  4. In the spring of 1996 appeared " Immortelle ", the debut album of the band.
  5. Subsequently, the band supported L'�me Immortelle for two dates during their 2006 tour.
  6. Notable bands include Stahlhammer and L'�me Immortelle, both of which have had some international success.
  7. I started an article ( Laura l'immortelle ) about a famous 2007 plagiarism case from Quebec.
  8. He has worked with bands like And One, L'�me Immortelle, Funker Vogt and Pulcher Femina.
  9. In recent times, plastic flowers have replaced immortelles as a long-lasting flower arrangement for use with graves.
  10. During the second " Immortelle ", Fabian and the band can be seen leaving the stage towards a butterfly on the back screen.
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