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  1. The economy is primarily based on coconut husking and farming.
  2. The Kuta are an occupational Hindu caste traditionally associated with rice husking.
  3. The center also runs a rice mill for grinding and husking rice.
  4. The roadway also doubles as something of a national rice-husking station.
  5. About 19 husking machines were here at that time.
  6. The invention of a simple fonio husking machine offers an easier mechanical way to dehusk.
  7. In 1985, he joined the family business of rice husking, milling and trading.
  8. This involved a large numbers of workers and associated social events ( husking or shucking bins.
  9. The whole grain is vacuum dried, then steamed, followed by another vacuum drying and husking.
  10. Additionally, threshing on roads damages the grains, and husking is a very time consuming process.


  1. the removal of covering
    synonyms:, , ,

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