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  1. The fish gave her fine clothing and sent her off, husking the rye while she was gone.
  2. To save a little time, soak the tomatillos in warm water for a few minutes before husking them.
  3. One day, within the first month of her pregnancy, she was husking paddy in the stone mortar.
  4. Since her imprisonment, Thuy was subject to forced labour, specifically, the husking and skinning of cashews.
  5. Also found in the three vessels were three new units of Husking Machines, valued at several hundred thousand pesos.
  6. Jobs like corn husking or sewing could be done as a group to allow socializing during an otherwise tedious chore.
  7. The losing team gets " punishment ", like husking corn or cleaning the bleachers after a high school football game.
  8. He also does a little men's work, fishing, nut gathering and husking, and sennit-making.
  9. In 1990, Yap Day activities included running, bicycling, juggling, tug of war, coconut husking, and basket weaving.
  10. If you don't want to bother husking the nuts, you can just plant them husk and all, in the ground.
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