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• प्रभंजन वात
hurricane:    अंधड़ तूफान तुफ़ान
wind:    पवन सांस फटकना हवा
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  1. Many in Galveston had built strong houses, capable of withstanding hurricane winds.
  2. Hurricane wind speeds, rainfall intensity, and storm surge levels are likely to increase.
  3. "nonirritating " and so hard-setting it could withstand hurricane winds, the suit says.
  4. Garden tools and signs may become destructive missiles in hurricane winds.
  5. They needed be able to withstand hurricane winds of more than 155 mph.
  6. The storm held onto major hurricane winds for 12 hours before subsequently weakening.
  7. Hurricane winds didn't relent as the storm moved inland past Arcadia.
  8. There were hurricane winds, a driving rain into your face and freezing cold.
  9. These and shutters were installed for protection against hurricane winds.
  10. The strong hurricane winds can cause uplifting of the roofs.
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