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  1. Anna hurried up the beach to watch us land the fish.
  2. She hurried back inside Ullevi Stadium to retrieve the correct medal.
  3. Hurried acquisitions could cost Loewen shareholders dearly in the long run.
  4. Both projects hurried forward, but neither seemed headed for success.
  5. She clutched her shiny treasure and hurried off . _ JULIE MYERS
  6. Aikman was either sacked or hurried on 25 of those passes.
  7. Hospitals and clinics are hurried settings that can undermine humane treatment.
  8. Hurried hands throw the boy's body on a stretcher.
  9. Managing Director Shinichi Yamamura said yesterday at a hurried press conference.
  10. As everyone got dressed, I hurried to do the same.
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  1. moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste; "a hurried trip to the store"; "the hurried life of a city"; "a hurried job"

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