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hold aloof from sentence in Hindi
से अलग रखना
से अलग रखना
hold:    अवलंबन नियन्त्रित
aloof:    न्यारा परे पृथक
from:    स् से स ओर से कारण
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  1. Tell, the individualist, holds aloof from the rebels'councils, but promises his aid when needed.
  2. Mintz cites " a talk on'Anarchism and Trade Unionism'" to reveal the interconnected relationship between anarchism and syndicalism : " It is suicide for Anarchists to hold aloof from trade organisations.
  3. He shows more common sense than depth, and though he does not altogether hold aloof from haggadic interpretations, he takes a leading place among the exegetes of northern France, who in general preferred the rational exegesis.
  4. They attempted in vain to persuade Butler, Macmillan's deputy ( who Macleod had assumed would succeed him ) to hold aloof from joining any Home cabinet; and they did this in the hope that a withdrawal by Butler would prevent Home from forming a government.

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