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शव वाहन
मुर्दा ले जाने की गाड़ी
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  1. A short prayer was said, while the hearse waited outside.
  2. The hearse, and the cars, were loaded with whiskey.
  3. Second, the Cadillac must follow the hearse during her funeral.
  4. The hearse carried the casket containing the body of Jeffrey Curley.
  5. Officers on traffic duty saluted as Brown's hearse passed.
  6. AUTOS-HEARSES ( Undated ) _ Driving an old hearse.
  7. "Leave the funeral hearse in the garage for awhile ."
  8. Four hearse-loads of wreaths were placed at the grave.
  9. Outside the morgue, a black hearse leaves with a body.
  10. They hugged and cried and stared as the hearse drove away.
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  1. a vehicle for carrying a coffin to a church or a cemetery; formerly drawn by horses but now usually a motor vehicle

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