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अनुश्रुत साक्ष्य
hearsay:    अफ़वाह सुनी हुई
evidence:    गवाही प्रमाण सबूत
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  1. Hearsay evidence is covered by sections 16-22 of the Evidence Act 2006.
  2. The time period can be broad and hearsay evidence can be used.
  3. It is not properly called a  discretion to admit hearsay evidence.
  4. Fidell said that another modification, allowing hearsay evidence, was likely to rankle critics.
  5. The trial was marred by hearsay evidence and translation errors from the start.
  6. That, of course, is what a court might call hearsay evidence.
  7. Hearsay evidence and records of interrogations may be used against detainees.
  8. The original trial was marred by hearsay evidence and translation errors.
  9. Such use of " hearsay evidence " in court is generally not allowed.
  10. Despite this and other hearsay evidence, there were no facts to go upon.
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  1. evidence based on what someone has told the witness and not of direct knowledge

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