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घास का अंबार
पुआल का ढेर
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  1. Apparently a hayrick fell upon him whilst he was inspecting it.
  2. The county was organized that same year, with Hayrick as county seat.
  3. The labourer burned the hayrick in protest against farm machinery replacing manual labour.
  4. Threshing machines were a particular target, and hayrick burning was a popular activity.
  5. Immediately to the east lies Hayrick Butte, a prime example of a tuya.
  6. Hogg Rock is only about north of Hayrick Butte, a somewhat larger tuya of similar age and composition.
  7. Small square bales are stacked in a criss-crossed fashion sometimes called a " rick " or " hayrick ".
  8. Many were hanged for hayrick burning, owing to the relatively low agricultural wage, during the Captain Swing Riots and later.
  9. He received a reward for reporting a farm labourer ( Edmund Bushby ) for igniting a hayrick for moving the hay about efficiently.
  10. Other actions included incendiary attacks on farms, barns and hayricks in the dead of night, as it was easier then to avoid detection.
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  1. a stack of hay

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