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  1. The long green leaves are hastate or cordate; the blue flowers are long.
  2. The leaves are cordate-ovate to hastate-ovate, long and wide.
  3. The triangular-hastate leaves are long and wide, and violet on the underside.
  4. The leaves are hastate to narrowly ovate, ranging in size from long and wide.
  5. The lake environ is the only known regular breeding site of the Indian spotted eagle Aquila hastate.
  6. It has leathery leaves that can vary from being hastate to sagittate ( arrow-shaped ).
  7. The leaves are broadly ovate to triangular-hastate, ranging in size from long and wide.
  8. The plant grows up to tall, with decumbent or ascending stems, and triangular-hastate leaves.
  9. The leaves are broadly ovate to broadly hastate-ovate or subcircular, ranging in size from long and wide.
  10. The leaves are broadly ovate and basally cordate to hastate, with the margins having a mixture of blunt and sharp teeth.
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  1. (of a leaf shape) like a spear point, with flaring pointed lobes at the base

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