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  1. The hassocks were embroidered by people from many parishes in the Diocese.
  2. Freestanding furniture designed by Wright, included a coffee table and hassocks.
  3. Between Burgess Hill and Hassocks very little has been found.
  4. To the south of Hassocks is a small ancient woodland known as Butchers Wood.
  5. Bull Hassocks pumping station was upgraded in 1892.
  6. Its Saxon name meant hassock grass barrow.
  7. Continuing improvements have included a set of striking hassocks embroidered by members of the parish.
  8. Wilton carpeting and hassock-style rear passenger foot rests were also included with the car.
  9. And J . A . of Quincy, Mass . called to tell his experience with hassocks.
  10. Miss Moppet ties a duster about her head and sits before the fire on a red hassock.
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  1. a cushion for kneeling on (as when praying in church)
  2. thick cushion used as a seat
    synonyms:, , ,

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