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रक्त गुल्म

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  1. More significant swelling usually indicates postoperative infection or presence of a haematoma.
  2. A large haematoma may need to be drained.
  3. Subcutaneous haematomas and enlarged blood vessels are common.
  4. Norman is rushed into theatre for emergency surgery after being diagnosed with an extradural haematoma.
  5. They were described in 1893 by Van Arsdale, who called these lesions " homerus ossifying haematoma ".
  6. They reported no complications other than haematomas in the stereotaxis group, with similar success rates at 1 year.
  7. The second accident causes a subdural haematoma that sends her into a coma, and the outlook is not promising.
  8. There have been limited reports of adverse effects including haematoma and pneumothorax, though the connections are not always well established.
  9. In December 1968, in Los Angeles, Komeda had a tragic accident which led to a haematoma of the brain.
  10. The rotational accelerations that arise in bicycle accidents can be large enough to cause concussions, diffuse axonal injury and subdural haematoma.
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  1. a localized swelling filled with blood

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