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  1. He was appointed as Consultant Haematologist in Bournemouth in 1974.
  2. FRSE FRCP ( 1921-1998 ) was a physician and haematologist.
  3. He was consultant haematologist to the London Clinic well beyond his 70th year.
  4. She received treatment for two months under the supervision of Professor Thomas Buechner, a leading haematologist.
  5. Childhood Cancer Canada is an active partner of the C17, the Council of Pediatric Haematologists / Oncologists.
  6. His team included the professional stalwarts like a great Haematologist Brig Mohammad Saleem and a renowned Microbiologist, Brig Abdul Hannan.
  7. She continued her medical practice throughout her political career and beyond, serving as the only paediatric haematologist in Northern Cyprus.
  8. A haematologist and oncologist by training, Mukherjee's scientific work addresses the links between normal stem cells and cancer cells.
  9. After being assistant of the haematologist Adolfo Ferrata, in 1916 Di Guglielmo got the university teaching qualification in medical special pathology.
  10. Liposomes were first described by British haematologist Alec D Bangham in 1961 ( published 1964 ), at the Babraham Institute, in Cambridge.
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  1. a doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs

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