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  1. -- Do add gold, silver or other glittery accessories.
  2. We were all dolled up, glittery, cute little kids,
  3. This is one troubling trip into a glittery heart of darkness.
  4. Most people get into Gibson first _ real flashy and glittery.
  5. By 1999, glittery, sparkling makeup had come into style.
  6. So combine the two and get expensive smelly swirly glittery candles.
  7. They shimmied to catch the glittery sequins in the light.
  8. Even hotshots like her in glittery dresses know the gutter of grief.
  9. O send me your price lists, your glittery prose.
  10. Despite all that glittery gear, they probably can't read.
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  1. having brief brilliant points or flashes of light; "bugle beads all aglitter"; "glinting eyes"; "glinting water"; "his glittering eyes were cold and malevolent"; "shop window full of glittering Christmas trees"; "glittery costume jewelry"; "scintillant mica"; "the scintillating stars"; "a dress with sparkly sequins"; "`glistering'' is an archaic term"
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