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  1. "More like euphoria, " says Gitter.
  2. Gitter is harder on Howe than Freeberg is, perhaps unfairly hard.
  3. Produced by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen and Daniel L . Fried.
  4. A support forum is maintained on Gitter.
  5. TD Waterhouse spokeswoman Melissa Gitter chalked up the problem to " human error ."
  6. In 1957, Gitter recorded " Ghost Ballads ", released by Riverside Records.
  7. But Gitter's primary interest is in Bridgman as an artifact of Victorian morality and psychology.
  8. Says creator Dean Gitter, " Sure, we could have had giant colored rocks tumbling around.
  9. In 1969, Gitter's University Cinema Association opened the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  10. Dozens of buildings now hold dog interviews, said Bobbi Gitter, an agent with Charles H . Greenthal.
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