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  1. Schleicher planned for a sort of labour government under his Generalship.
  2. Allen was also beginning to query the quality of British generalship.
  3. In 1916 he resigned his generalship to continue his medical studies.
  4. The French subdued nascent revolts under the Generalship of Pasquale Paoli.
  5. He continued to hold the attorney-generalship as well.
  6. Those parallels between adminship and generalship are out of order.
  7. The governor-generalship was taken over by Adriaan Valckenier.
  8. Lord Hopetoun resigned the governor-generalship in May 1902.
  9. Dueling point guards and shooting guards in a battle of generalship and marksmanship.
  10. But this is armchair generalship to senior military officials.
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  1. the office and authority of a general
  2. the leadership ability of a military general

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