gallery forest meaning in Hindi

gallery forest sentence in Hindi

तटीय वन
gallery:    छज्जा दहलीज़
forest:    कानन जंगल बन वन
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  1. Along the margins of the river is gallery forest which floods periodically.
  2. Its diet occasionally includes fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
  3. Occasionally, diet includes fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
  4. It grows in savanna and gallery forest at approximately elevation.
  5. The terrain includes savanna, open woodlands and gallery forest.
  6. It consists mostly of marshlands and seasonally flooded savannas, with gallery forest.
  7. Kinkajous dry forest, gallery forest and secondary forest.
  8. A gallery forest extends across the prairie on either side of the Buffalo River.
  9. It occurs in primary and mature secondary forest and in gallery forest along rivers.
  10. Occasionally included fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
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