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• भविष्य
• भविष्यकाल

• भविष्यता
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  1. It actually takes about 7, 500 head for the futurity,
  2. Officer is likely to head another small field in the Futurity.
  3. The Futurity Stakes was added to the racing calendar in 1898.
  4. He won his final Canadian event, the 1984 Vancouver Futurity.
  5. We beat Honour and Glory in the Futurity at Belmont.
  6. Solis said of his state of mind before the Futurity.
  7. So the colt went to the prestigious Hollywood Futurity instead.
  8. His biggest win came in the'94 Hollywood Futurity.
  9. He then went back to Keeneland and took the Breeders'Futurity.
  10. He won Futurity titles in 1979, 1982 and 1988.
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  1. the quality of being in or of the future
  2. the time yet to come
    synonyms:future, hereafter, time to come

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