futures market meaning in Hindi

futures market sentence in Hindi
• वायदा सट्टा बाजार
• अगाऊ सट्टा बाजार
• भावी विपणि

• अगाऊ का रोबार
• अमाऊ
• वायदा बाजार
futures:    वायदे के सौदे भावी
market:    आपण तिजारत बाज़ार
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  1. The future market for airplanes clearly is outside of the United States,
  2. They said prices also were dragged down by the weaker futures market.
  3. Most New York futures markets were closed for the Independence Day holiday.
  4. Now the country is discussing reforms to create a new futures market.
  5. This is a period during which future market structures are being defined,
  6. The interest rate futures market is siding with Clarke on interest rates.
  7. SEOUL : South Korean shares were led higher by the futures market.
  8. Many are selling in the futures market to hedge their own positions.
  9. We all regard this as an important part of our future market.
  10. Story illustration : ESSF for interest rate expectations in the futures market.
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  1. a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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