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• अगला धुरा
front:    आगे आगे का भाग आवरण
axle:    अक्षदण्ड कीली
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  1. The braking system is equipped with front axle braking power reducing system.
  2. The door located forward of the front axle in the usual place.
  3. A separate 2-speed transfer case also engaged or disengaged the front axle.
  4. The circular section front axle supports the chassis through underhung half-elliptical springs.
  5. The front axles are located by radius rods and a Panhard rod.
  6. Behind the front axle there is a storage possibly for snow chains.
  7. The solid front axles are a full-floating design with manual locking hubs.
  8. OPC also worked on the brakes, adding 308mm discs on the front axle.
  9. In later models, a 6 means the front axle capacity is 6 tonnes.
  10. Draft animals were hitched to a metal tongue attached to the front axle.
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