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  1. Having the boss'permission takes that frisson of naughtiness away.
  2. More important is to create a frisson around what we are doing.
  3. Together, they produce the frisson that drives talk radio.
  4. As in fishing, there is a frisson associated with that event.
  5. He even finds a way to inject frissons into cooking.
  6. Why not a frisson of race-mongering as well?
  7. Prices will drop; high-wire cooking will lose its frisson.
  8. There was a consequent frisson when Sada Abe slapped your back ."
  9. Its purpose : to invoke the dark frissons once afforded by public executions.
  10. The atrocities of the Axman can still stir a frisson among local residents.
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  1. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright; "a frisson of surprise shot through him"
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