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  1. Citing a clause, typical in oil delivery contracts, known as " force majeur,"
  2. Occidental has never before declared force majeur in connection with the Cravo Norte field.
  3. What happened here was force majeur, " he said.
  4. Invoking force majeur shields the companies from penalties.
  5. If the oil companies declare " force majeur, " however, half of that fee is waived.
  6. Occidental hasn't yet officially declared force majeur.
  7. Concession period is 50 years from May 31, 2019 and cannot be prolonged, except in force majeur situation.
  8. It's a case of force majeur, " said Brondby Secretary-General Emil Bakkendorf, whose team was scheduled to meet Olimpija Ljubljana on Thursday.
  9. While attacks by guerrilla groups against Colombia's oil installations are common, this is the first time since 1989 that Ecopetrol has resorted to force majeur.
  10. It is true that in the contract with WABC, there is a stipulation, there is a force majeur, a legal term for unavoidable events like a strike.
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