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  1. The Lagrangian expression was first used to derive the force equation.
  2. It is a force equation in the radial direction.
  3. But nevertheless, the Lorentz force equation is still front page in the textbooks alongside Maxwell's equations.
  4. First, the vector equality will be inserted for the first term in the force equation above.
  5. Certainly the modern forms no longer include the Lorentz force equation which was in the original eight.
  6. Cameras record every stroke and then feed the data to a computer that calculates fluid force equations.
  7. However, it is not possible to satisfy the horizontal force equation unless F _ h = 0.
  8. Similarly, if current flows in the tether element, a force can be generated in accordance with the Lorentz force equation
  9. Two other examples occur in inverse-square force laws of the gravitational force equation of Newtonian gravity and Coulomb's law of electrostatics.
  10. I have never known anybody, apart from one person, who has ever doubted that this equation corresponds mathematically to the Lorentz force equation.

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