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  1. Data from the wind tunnel is collected using a JR3 force balance.
  2. As long as that is held perfectly linear, the forces balance and cancel.
  3. Mathematically, radial force balance implies a balance between electric, magnetic and centrifugal forces:
  4. This device is called a " force balance accelerometer ".
  5. The filtration is a result of the force balance that occurs on fluids in a vortex.
  6. The terrain and the force balance has always put the thin UN peacekeeping force at a disadvantage.
  7. Because of Brownian motion and electrostatic forces balancing the gravity, they are not likely to settle naturally.
  8. traditional customers of the EU _ " but probably these two forces balance out, " he said.
  9. A force balance equation known as Washburn's equation for the above material having cylindrical pores is given as:
  10. A " force balancing conference " is scheduled for Friday at NATO military headquarters near Mons, southwest of Brussels.

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