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  1. However, domestic demand is forcast to be only 220, 000 in 1998.
  2. Rain is in the forcast, but the Packers don't worry much about inclement weather.
  3. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News had forcast that GDP would be revised down to 4.2 percent.
  4. He is insisting on refering to a profit forcast of around ?30 million for the financial year 2012.
  5. Total turnover is forcast at RM790.4 millionfor FY1997 and this is expected to strengthen to RM946 million for FY1998.
  6. NKK, Japan's No . 2 steelmaker, reaffirmed that its current profit forcast of 30 billion yen is on target.
  7. For game time, the long-range forcast called for temperatures around zero, strong winds from the Northwest and no major snow.
  8. On one occasion, he said Rabin was the only general who was able to forcast precisely where the forces of North Vietnam would strike.
  9. Israel's consumer price index rose by a surprising 1.2 percent in October, doubling the highest forcast predictions, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced Friday.
  10. The strong winds and heavy rain forcast for the area later Tuesday were expected to speed up disintegration of the diesel in bays and along the shoreline, officials said.
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