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• दोषामुक्‍त
fool:    गाउदी जड़ मूर्ख मूढ़
proof:    सबूत अप्रवेश्यता
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  1. :: Agreed, and images are probably most fool proof in this case.
  2. Neither technique is fool proof, and can easily result in scorching.
  3. And to make the security fool proof, there was a need to shift these offices.
  4. It has to be literally 100 percent fool proof before an automaker will use it.
  5. In addition, he said, the diagnostic test was far from 100 per cent fool proof.
  6. "Our first objective was to find a method that is fool proof, " he said.
  7. "We have taken fool proof security measures, " said police Superintendent Haq Nawaz Baluch ( zh-ids-kg)
  8. Biometric identification systems are however not fool proof.
  9. The term fool proof originates in 1902.
  10. She has inoculated the Visitors against all known Earth diseases and has developed a fool proof truth drug.
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