fond regard meaning in Hindi

fond regard sentence in Hindi
fond:    अनुरक्त प्रिय
regard:    कृपा सम्मान ख्याल
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  1. Jerry Garcia sends his fond regards.
  2. Jennifer Merriam, a 23-year-old psychologist, does not have fond regard for Clinton.
  3. She did have fond regard for her days at the Hal Roach Studios and was impressed with her large fan following.
  4. The line and station were held in fond regard by John Betjeman who in 1963 featured them in a BBC programme about the Evercreech Junction.
  5. But most simply testify to the fond regard in which many neighbors and friends held Truman, given that humble items were deemed important enough to keep over the decades.
  6. Maybe it's the desire to have stationery with the " Lansing Lugnuts " letterhead, or a fond regard for the atmosphere of the movie " Bull Durham ."

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