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  1. Frost the cake with fondant icing while it is still warm.
  2. Such fondant gives a glossy finish and a sweet sugary taste.
  3. Commercially available tablet often uses fondant instead of the milk products.
  4. Fondant can be colored by kneading the coloring into the dough.
  5. Some types of fondant will adhere right away to the cookie.
  6. Kassem specializes in sculpting custom cakes without the use of fondant.
  7. Once baked, it is iced with chocolate and vanilla fondant frosting.
  8. Poured fondant is used to glaze petits fours and other detailed confections.
  9. Supermarket and home-made copies are called Fondant Fancies.
  10. The image is located at Image : fondant . jpg.

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