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• उत्तेजना का समय
• चरम बिंदु
• हिंसात्मक क्षेत्र
• प्रज्ज्वलन बिंदु
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  1. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling AKP party colleagues accept Greek control of Kastelorizo and its six nautical miles of territorial waters, but not more and certainly not its full EEZ rights. Indeed, in their eyes, Greek assertion of an EEZ constitutes a casus belli. By neutering Kastelorizo, Ankara can lay claim to large economic area in the Mediterranean and block cooperation among its adversaries. This is why the island could become a flashpoint. Top: Greece's EEZ with Kastelorizo. Bottom: Greece's EEZ without Kastelorizo, as seen by the government of Turkey. (For an enlarged version of this map, click here .)
    अनेक ऐसे घटनाक्रम है जो एकेपी द्वारा कैस्टेलोरिजो पर ग्रीस को बाधित करते नजर आते हैं। पहला, सितम्बर में उसने नार्वे के एक जहाज को समुद्री साज के साथ सुसज्जित कर कैस्टेलोरिजो के दक्षिण में तेल और गैस की सम्भावनायें देखने के लिये अनुमति दी जिसमें की महाद्वीप का कुछ क्षेत्र भी था।


  1. the lowest temperature at which the vapor of a combustible liquid can be ignited in air
  2. point at which something is ready to blow up

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