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  1. Myositis with flaccid paralysis has been reported as a consequence of infection.
  2. Several of these can cause the polio-like condition AFP ( acute flaccid paralysis ).
  3. This results, systemically, in a flaccid paralysis, an action similar to that of curare.
  4. When the bullet enters the T-zone, it strikes the medulla oblongata causing flaccid paralysis.
  5. In poultry and wild birds, flaccid paralysis is usually seen in the legs, wings, neck and eyelids.
  6. Konzo is distinct from polio which is a flaccid paralysis and most often affects a person asymmetrically.
  7. Every day, Kew and Pallansch study stool samples of patients from around the world suffering acute flaccid paralysis.
  8. Rarely, neurological disorders have been reported in association with chikungunya virus, including Guillain Barr?syndrome, palsies, meningoencephalitis, flaccid paralysis and neuropathy.
  9. Enterovirus D68 might be responsible for a cluster of cases of acute flaccid paralysis in children in Colorado . " Lancet"
  10. One major characteristic used to identify a lower motor neuron lesion is flaccid paralysis  paralysis accompanied by loss of muscle tone.
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  1. weakness or loss of muscle tone resulting from injury or disease of the nerves innervating the muscles

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