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  1. Viral flacherie is ultimately caused by infection with gut tissue.
  2. In 1865, two parasitic diseases called " p�brine " and " flacherie " were killing great numbers of silkworms at Alais ( now Al�s ), causing huge losses to farmers.
  3. Louis Pasteur, who began his studies on silkworm diseases in 1865, was the first one able to recognize that mortality due to viral flacherie was caused by infection . ( Priority, however, was claimed by Antoine B�champ . ) Richard Gordon described the discovery : " The French silk industry was meanwhile plummeting from a 130 million to an 8 million francs annual income, because the silkworms had all caught " p�brine, " black pepper disease & He [ Pasteur ] went south from Paris to Alais, and rewarded them by discovering the silkworm epidemic to be inflicted by some sort of living microbe & Pasteur threw in another disease, " fl�cherie, " silkworm diarrhoea.

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