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  1. He reasoned that a deaf and blind child would have most use of learning to speak ( rather than using e . g . the finger alphabet ).
  2. Bonaventure in the 13th century used a finger alphabet, and the medieval " Monasteriales Indicia " describes 127 signs used by Anglo-Saxon Benedictine monks.
  3. Beginning with R . A . S . Macalister in 1938, several writers have speculated that the 5th century Irish Ogham script, with its quinary alphabet system, was derived from a finger alphabet that predates even Bede.
  4. They, therefore, advocate the " Combined Method "-i . e ., the main instruction being carried on by means of the finger alphabet and signs, articulation and lip-reading being taught as accomplishments to those who show aptitude for receiving such instruction . " ( 24 October 1889)
  5. These "'manual alphabets "'( also known as "'finger alphabets "'or "'hand alphabets "'), have often been used in deaf education, and have subsequently been adopted as a distinct part of a number of sign languages; there are about forty manual alphabets around the world.


  1. an alphabet used by the deaf; letters are represented by finger positions

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