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  1. But Nordhaus of Yale offers a way of finessing such details.
  2. Julie did a great job of finessing him around the turn.
  3. The coach, Lute Olson, is finessing a high school recruit.
  4. Clinton has been extraordinarily skillful in finessing earlier actions.
  5. And for finessing, there's always Photoshop.
  6. I'm not much into finessing.
  7. The finessing of words bespeaks different political climates and fundamental differences between the two countries.
  8. South must take the A and play to the A, again refraining from finessing.
  9. Now, under the eager Shimon Peres, Israeli negotiators are finessing the subject of security.
  10. He was just finessing paperwork to access funds that were already there and available to him.

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