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  1. Her sound is vibrant and lush, yet she can sing finespun pianissimos with focused tone and hushed beauty.
  2. Indeed, the film's many night scenes are bathed in a mellow resonance reinforced by the finespun soundtrack.
  3. Richard Woodhams, the Philadelphia Orchestra's principal oboist, proves an ideal interpreter of these sinuous melodies, with his lithe, finespun tone.
  4. She seems to be striving for ethereal, finespun phrasing, with scant vibrato, but it mostly comes out thin, wavy in pitch and mannered.
  5. Especially on the day after the Oscars, it's almost impossible to visualize the finespun Audrey Hepburn while gazing upon the robust Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  6. In the love duet, his finespun legato gave the passage repeated in the last act as Isolde's transfiguration a calm, eerie bliss that few sopranos could equal.
  7. Hagegard ranged from a finespun lieder style and a genuinely touching " Standchen " to occasional extremes of volume that were almost shattering in the Y's small hall.


  1. developed in excessively fine detail; "finespun distinctions"
  2. developed with extreme delicacy and subtlety; "the satire touches with finespun ridicule every kind of human pretense"

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