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  1. Most Protestant groups that use the creed also include the Filioque clause.
  2. Pajsije was strongly against the " filioque ."
  3. He wrote many books on the problem, especially on the filioque question.
  4. Rome attempted to replace a seated Patriarch with one amenable to the Filioque dispute.
  5. Boris Bobrinskoy sees the " Filioque " as having positive theological content.
  6. Resuming proceedings on 8 October 1438, the Council focused exclusively on the Filioque matter.
  7. Two basic problems were involved : the nature of the " filioque " clause.
  8. The Latin text adds " Deum de Deo " and " Filioque " to the Greek.
  9. The Celtic Catholic Church emphasizes the " filioque " clause from the Nicene Creed.
  10. "Such are some of the reasons why Orthodox regard the filioque as dangerous and heretical.
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