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  1. Public broadcasting remains a set of uncoordinated, chronically uncooperative fiefdoms.
  2. This kind of protectionism is splitting China into warring economic fiefdoms.
  3. I believe that the proposed legislation would establish medieval information fiefdoms,
  4. As a result, competitors rushed into Granite's fiefdom.
  5. They divided it into fiefdoms and ruled them with independent governments.
  6. No one knows how many lawless fiefdoms are operating across China.
  7. In elected office, Dorsey set about to create a fiefdom.
  8. They had one thing in common : they loved their fiefdom.
  9. And there's nothing like a fiefdom without a king.
  10. You're the luckiest college football fan in the fiefdom.
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  1. an organization that is controlled by a dominant person or group
  2. the domain controlled by a feudal lord

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