father figure meaning in Hindi

father figure sentence in Hindi

• पितृ-तुल्य
father:    ईश्वर उत्पत्तिकार
figure:    आँकड़ा अलंकार
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  1. Premchand is recognized as one of the greatest literary father figures of modern Hindi literature.
    प्रेमचंद आधुनिक हिन्दी कहानी के पितामह माने जाते हैं।
  2. We need fathers, as it were, the exemplary father figures in society,
    हमें पिताजी चाहिए, लेकिन वैसे ही पिताजी जैसे समाज में थे ,जिन्हें दोहराया जा सके


  1. a man who takes over all the functions of the real father

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