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  1. It consists of a face to face interview with diverse personalities.
  2. MORI interviewed 1, 925 adults in face to face interviews on Feb . 20-25.
  3. There will be direct face to face interview by the school local organizing body.
  4. In some cases, a face to face interview is required.
  5. Are you available for a face to face interview?
  6. Data is collected via face to face interviews.
  7. She also conducted face to face interviews asking professional if they use DIBELS and how, and what parts.
  8. Zen practitioners will often have a sanzen, where the student has a face to face interview with their master.
  9. The potential student will be assessed in a 15-minute face to face interview with two CyberARTS teachers, and two senior CyberARTS students.
  10. The poll surveyed 1, 357 adults in face to face interviews between Dec . 19-24 and quoted a margin of error of 3 percent.
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