face meaning in Hindi

[ feis ] sound:
face sentence in Hindi
• फलक
• सीरा
• अग्रभाग
• अक्षर आकृति
• भाग
• अनीक
• बाहरि भाग
• मुँह
• आकार
• डटकर सामना करना
• मुंह
• आकृति
• मुख
• ताश के पत्ते का अंकित भाग
• मुखाकृति
• अंकित मूल्य
• चेहरा
• बाह्य अर्थ
• मुहाना
• छोर
• मोहरा
• अग्र भाग
• डायल
• रूप
• तरफ
• तल
• शकल
• ऊपरी भाग
• धरातल
• सामना
• प्रत्यक्ष मूल्य
• धृष्टता
• सूरत
• पक्ष
• हावभाव
• पहलू
• इज्ज़त
• पृष्ठ
• मुखमंडल
• अगाड़ी
• मुखविकृति
• टाइपफेस
• रूपचित्र
• अक्षरशैली
• फृष्ठ
• शक्ल
• समतल करना
• सामना करना
• विरोध करना
• मुकाबला करना
• डटकर सामना करना
• आच्छादित करना
• घुमना
• घुमाना
• अभिमुख होना
• मुंह फेरना
• लड़ना
• सामने होना
• मुठभेड़ करना
• सम्मुख होना
• सामने आना
• मुंह बनाना
• मुढना
• मढवा देना
• का़लर-कफ लगाना
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  1. Is this the face of Leonardo da Vinci or isn't it?
    क्या यही लियोनार्दो दा विन्ची का चेहरा है या नहीं?
  2. But he stood firm , determined to face the consequences .
    लेकिन परिणाम भुगतने का संकल्प किये वे अटल रहे .
  3. The whole world may be against us, lets get ready to face them.
    सारा जहां अदु (दुश्मन) सही आओ मुक़ाबला करें ।
  4. at the beginning in macca there was small faces
    आरंभ में मक्के में छोटी-छोटी सूरतें अवतीर्ण हुईं।
  5. You can see the happy face on Mars, there.
    आप मंगल ग्रह पर, वहाँ मुस्कुराता चेहरा देख सकते हैं।
  6. There was a big smile on his face which was unusual then,
    उनके चेहरे पर एक बड़ी मुस्कान जो असामान्य तब था,
  7. If you squint, you can still see the face.
    अगर आप आँखों को मोड़े, तो आप अभी भी चेहरे देख सकते हैं।
  8. If you notice, he's actually needlepointing his own face.
    यदि आप गौर करें, वह स्वयं का चेहरा ही काढ़ रहा है.
  9. The coarse hair covers the major portion of the face .
    चेहरे का अधिकांश भाग मोटे बालों से ढका होता है .
  10. The challenge facing all those who are interested in Africa
    अफ़्रीका में रुचि रखने वाले हर शख्स के आगे सवाल
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  1. a vertical surface of a building or cliff
  2. the side upon which the use of a thing depends (usually the most prominent surface of an object); "he dealt the cards face down"
  3. the striking or working surface of an implement
  4. the general outward appearance of something; "the face of the city is changing"
  5. the feelings expressed on a person''s face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face"
    synonyms:, , ,
  6. impudent aggressiveness; "I couldn''t believe her boldness"; "he had the effrontery to question my honesty"
    synonyms:, , ,
  7. status in the eyes of others; "he lost face"
  8. the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear; "he washed his face"; "I wish I had seen the look on his face when he got the news"
  9. the part of an animal corresponding to the human face
  10. a specific size and style of type within a type family
    synonyms:, , ,
  11. a contorted facial expression; "she made a grimace at the prospect"
  12. a surface forming part of the outside of an object; "he examined all sides of the crystal"; "dew dripped from the face of the leaf"
  13. a part of a person that is used to refer to a person; "he looked out at a roomful of faces"; "when he returned to work he met many new faces"
  1. deal with (something unpleasant) head on; "You must confront your problems"; "He faced the terrible consequences of his mistakes"
  2. present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize; "We confronted him with the evidence"; "He was faced with all the evidence and could no longer deny his actions"; "An enormous dilemma faces us"
  3. oppose, as in hostility or a competition; "You must confront your opponent"; "Jackson faced Smith in the boxing ring"; "The two enemies finally confronted each other"
  4. cover the front or surface of; "The building was faced with beautiful stones"
  5. line the edge (of a garment) with a different material; "face the lapels of the jacket"
  6. turn so as to face; turn the face in a certain direction; "Turn and face your partner now"
  7. turn so as to expose the face; "face a playing card"
  8. be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park"
  9. be opposite; "the facing page"; "the two sofas face each other"

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