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  1. This definition is extendable to subsets of any partially ordered set.
  2. _If your phone has an extendable antenna, pull it out.
  3. Yamauchi ordered Yokoi to develop the extendable claw into a proper product.
  4. Other equipment issued to officers are ASP Extendable Baton and Hiatts handcuffs.
  5. He wields an extendable staff that shoots beams from it.
  6. Gellish is a universal and extendable conceptual data modeling language.
  7. SHAKE instances are so called XOF's, Extendable Output Functions.
  8. It's doesn't seem to be extendable.
  9. Further personal tools and settings are found in the extendable personal menu.
  10. The soldiers also scribbled a drawing of their idea for an extendable neck.
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  1. capable of being lengthened

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