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  1. The question the study was designed to answer limits the dependability and extendability of the results.
  2. Spacemacs has a unique ergonomics and mnemonic key bindings design with verbose packages installations to allow extendability.
  3. A typical application of the extendability of a uniform continuous function is the proof of the inverse Fourier transformation formula.
  4. Its flagship product is an Supervisory Interoperable Cloud Platform that provides immediate Mobile extendability of an enterprises legacy systems into any mobile environment.
  5. It defined the main objectives of : Inter-changeability, Re-usability, Portability, Technology Transparency, Fault Tolerance, Extendability [ sic ], Maintainability [, ] etc.
  6. GetSimple CMS was primarily developed for the creation of smaller websites, however it is also suitable for medium to large websites thanks to the extendability of the platform via plug-ins and themes.
  7. Some of their arguments measure size by criteria other than cardinal size for example, Fraenkel introduces " comprehensiveness " and " extendability . " Hallett points out what he considers to be flaws in their arguments.
  8. One other principle that is often ( at least traditionally ) accepted as a deontic principle is " D ", \ Box \ phi \ to \ Diamond \ phi, which corresponds to the seriality ( or extendability or unboundedness ) of the accessibility relation.
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