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[ 'ekskrimənt ] sound:
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उत्सर्जित पदार्थ
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  1. The smell of dirt, excrement and death permeated the air.
  2. Smith's special interest is in coprolites, fossilized excrement.
  3. Ten million dollars on dog excrement is a lot of money,
  4. They used pig intestines, minnows, coffee grounds, excrement.
  5. Electric incinerating toilets turn excrement into a small amount of ash.
  6. These missiles included anything from stones to excrement to rotting carcasses.
  7. Most adult bulls are mark their territory with excrement and urine.
  8. Also found were three footprints, and ten additional excrement samples.
  9. In the absence of carrion, excrement provides a food source.
  10. Debaere discovered the working with elephant-excrements at that moment.
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  1. waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body
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