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• सन्ध्या-वर्ग

• सांध्य कक्षा
evening:    संझा संध्य संध्या
class:    वर्गीकरण दर्जे का
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  1. And in Woodland Hills, Pierce College canceled its evening classes.
  2. We also have extension program students who take the evening classes,
  3. Johnson said he took only a single evening class in sculpting.
  4. In 1855, King's pioneered evening classes in London;
  5. After the war Morrocco had a brief spell teaching evening classes.
  6. His team creates the fund by organizing evening classes in Patna.
  7. In 1962 evening classes commenced with an enrollment of 36 students.
  8. During this period he also took evening classes in estate management.
  9. :: I just did an evening class on resin casting.
  10. He opened a school for children and evening classes for adults.
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