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• ठीक-ठीक
• निष्पक्ष
• न्यायी
• पक्षपात रहित
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  1. Exploring the minutiae of parental preoccupations, they are meticulously evenhanded.
  2. Evenhanded, they made impromptu stops in Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods.
  3. Ives is evenhanded in dealing with the fallout of such activity.
  4. For the South Koreans, that was too evenhanded for comfort.
  5. In a less partisan time, Congress would pass evenhanded reforms.
  6. He said he thought the committee was taking an evenhanded approach.
  7. This is one of those statements so evenhanded they are meaningless.
  8. She was widely praised on Friday for being evenhanded and diligent.
  9. Brooks'foreign news reports were evenhanded, accessible and important.
  10. But defense lawyers said he had a reputation as being evenhanded.
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  1. without partiality; "evenhanded justice"

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