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  1. His friends decided to bury him at the Ethician cemetery Jan . 2.
  2. Ethician Family Cemetery : http : / / www . ashestoashes . org/
  3. Several green cemeteries recently have opened around the country, including the 81-acre Ethician Family Cemetery just outside of Huntsville, Texas.
  4. "' Edward Abramowski "'( 17 August 1868  21 June 1918 ) was a ethician, and supporter of cooperatives.
  5. Sky burial at our Ethician Vulture Sanctuary is recommended for all pets before buri ! l nd is mandatory for very large pets such as horses.
  6. That's why he offers a different kind of funeral at his Ethician Family Cemetery _ Texas'first " green cemetery ."
  7. Anyone can buy a one-quarter to one-third-acre plot by making whatever donation they can afford to the Universal Ethician Church, an interfaith, ecumenical congregation that Russell founded a few years ago.
  8. An explanation of the church states : " The Universal Ethician Church is a worldwide interfaith-ecumenical church tasked by the one and only God of the Un ) veSse with protecting Creation from destruction due to the unparalleled escalation of human greed and ignorance which is destroying God's biosphere ."
  9. "The Universal Ethician Church believes that all humans should follow the Biblical principle of ` Ashes to Ashes, "'the church Web site begins, " and thus has established America's first family ` natural'or ` green burial'cemetery at Waterwood in San Jacinto County, Texas ."
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  1. a philosopher who specializes in ethics

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