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  1. Esrom and Coriantumr raised an army with which they defeated Jared's army.
  2. He had puzzles published under the pseudonym " Esrom " ( his surname in reverse ).
  3. The village was originally crown land and, unlike many other villages, has never belonged to Esrom Abbey.
  4. He later spent several summers in the S�rup on the southeastern shores of Lake Esrom where he painted the washerwomen.
  5. "' Esrom Nyandoro "'( born 6 February 1980 in Bulawayo ) is a Zimbabwean football ( soccer ) midfielder.
  6. They carried a black plastic bag containing the clothes their son, Sphiwe Esrom, 13, was wearing when he was killed in the crowd.
  7. Coriantumr and Esrom restored their father as the king of the Jaredites twice . ( See Omer ( Book of Mormon ) for more details .)
  8. She continued the development of the College, overseeing the refurbishment of Britten House, the Dining Room, the Music and IT Centres and the front of Esrom House.
  9. Esrom and Danablu are the only two Danish cheeses that are EU, meaning that they may only be produced in Denmark from Danish milk and at approved dairies that produce the cheeses according to the specifications laid down.
  10. Zimbabwe : Energy Murambadoro; Dumisani Mpofu, Dazzy Kapenya, Kaitano Tembo, George Mbwando; Esrom Nyandoro, Lazarus Muhoni ( Joel Luphahla, 67 ), Charles Yohane, Tinashe Nengomasha; Agent Sawu, Peter Ndlovu.
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