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  1. Esquisse pour une auto-analyse,
  2. Esquisse Gitane, music by Infante.
  3. Their recording of " Esquisse " by Georges Barboteu can be found on YouTube.
  4. The years 1839-49 he spent in Rome, gathering data for his " Esquisse de Rome Chr�tienne ".
  5. That year, the Brazilian label Wave Records released a " Best of " double CD compilation album called " Parach�vement de l'Esquisse ".
  6. He was the author of numerous theoretical and works and instruction books, and authored a biography on George Onslow, " George Onslow : esquisse biographique ".
  7. He is remembered for his phytogeographical investigations of Belgium, about which, he published the highly regarded " Esquisse de la g�ographie botanique de la Belgique " ( 1910 ).
  8. When in 1853 Emperor Napoleon III of France ascended to the throne, Louis Debrauz published his biography entitled " " Napol�on III, empereur des fran�ais : esquisse biographique " ".
  9. Esquisse g�ologique du Nord de la France et des contr�es voisines " ( Geological sketches of geological beds in the limestone at �trSungt ( " schistes et calcaire d Etroeungt " ).
  10. While he was a first year undergraduate, he was given a copy of Esquisse d'un Programme ( submitted a few months earlier by Alexander Grothendieck to CNRS ) by his advisor George Shabat.
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