energize meaning in Hindi

energize sentence in Hindi

• ऊर्जित करना
• उत्साहित करना
• ऊर्जा प्रदान करना
• क्रियाशील करना
• जोश में भरना
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  1. Lunde dismissed the idea that such attacks would energize lethargic Democrats.
  2. And people really charge me, they re-energize me.
  3. They were clearly the more energized team in the second period.
  4. "I feel so energized, " she said.
  5. If anything, Mahogany's quartet is even more energized.
  6. No, it was definitely the home team that was energized.
  7. Dole appeared energized, speaking forcefully to upbeat but small crowds.
  8. This season, the work has come back re-energized.
  9. Added Nash, " He has re-energized me.
  10. I was convinced it was a form waiting to be energized.
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  1. cause to be alert and energetic; "Coffee and tea stimulate me"; "This herbal infusion doesn''t stimulate"
    synonyms:stimulate, arouse, brace, energise, perk up
  2. raise to a higher energy level; "excite the atoms"
    synonyms:excite, energise

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