encomium meaning in Hindi

encomium sentence in Hindi
• स्‍तुतिवाक्‍य
• गुणगान
• प्रशंसा
• गुणानुवाद
• प्रशस्ति

• अभिशस्ति
• स्तुति
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  1. No one, however, had anything but encomiums for Mitchell.
  2. xfdws ENCOMIUM-FOR-HASNAT'S sked Emerging Markets Datafile
  3. Dellums'last week has been a blur of tributes and encomiums.
  4. Upon his death, so many encomiums poured in from all quarters.
  5. The Ramones are gathering encomiums on a farewell tour.
  6. Encomium  Epitaph Lamentation on Great Friday, 4.
  7. A tale and encomium for St Nicholas the Wonderworker is ascribed to Ephraim.
  8. His play " Sita Swayamvar " became very popular and received much encomium.
  9. Almost all of its 230 pieces deserve the encomium " masterwork ."
  10. His presence made the program more complex than the usual all-star encomium.
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  1. a formal expression of praise
    synonyms:eulogy, panegyric, paean, pean

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