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  1. The system of government that the Spaniards established was the encomienda.
  2. For his actions, he was awarded an encomienda at Xaltepec.
  3. The encomienda was more of a grant of jurisdiction than ownership.
  4. He spent several years in retirement on his encomienda in Chuquiago.
  5. After the conquest the area became part of the encomienda system.
  6. It is known to have already been a Spanish encomienda by 1591.
  7. A part of the Encomienda de Bislig together with Cateel.
  8. Valdivia also granted him an " encomienda " in Tir�a.
  9. Spaniards began acquiring land and securing labor separate from the encomienda grants.
  10. The labor system of Encomienda was also abolished in 1550.
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